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7 tips for greater mental clarity and focus

Everyone wants to achieve higher mental clarity and focus. However, this is sometimes a more difficult feat than you’d think. Read on for a few tips and tricks to increase brain power throughout your day in a healthy and productive way. Because we think everyone deserves the opportunity to accomplish great things.

A good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated

Cat asleep under duvet.
Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

Getting the proper amount of sleep, (the recommended 7-8 hours), is crucial for operating at top mental capacity. It’s difficult to slay your day when you’re slumped over at your desk after a restless night where you didn’t get high-quality sleep. Take appropriate measures to ensure your sleep is the best it can be.

This means taking it easy on the booze. Alcohol and sleep simply don’t mix well. Limit your late nights and see how your mornings, (and the rest of your days), improve in terms of mental clarity and focus. Another good sleep tip is to prioritise a consistent sleep schedule. Get to bed and wake up around the same time and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour. As humans, we’re creatures of habit and crave consistency.

Take your sleep hygiene into consideration — this refers to your sleeping environment and daily routines that promote consistent, restful sleep. Keep a stable schedule, make your bedroom comfortable and calm, and free of disruptions. Many people opt for a short meditation before bed and even relaxing yoga routines which signal to their bodies and minds that it’s time to rest.

Limit your caffeine intake

Gif of Jim Carrey drinking coffee and typing on a keyboard.

Drinks like coffee can often cause you to crash several hours after consumption. Try switching over to a healthy beverage for your go-to hydration source instead. As always, the benefits of water cannot be stressed enough. Drink the appropriate amount of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout your day. Spoiler alert: you’re probably not drinking enough water. Get a water bottle you love that will help remind you to fill up throughout your day and encourage these healthy habits.

Try a safe nootropic supplement

In terms of mental clarity and focus increase, there’s been a ton of exciting nootropic research proving enhanced brain function and clean, sustainable energy lasting throughout your day. Don’t underestimate what the right brain-boosting supplement can do for you.

Make healthy food decisions

Eating right—most importantly, avoiding sugary and processed foods—is paramount in establishing greater mental clarity and focus to increase your productivity. Make sure you’re reading labels on the food you put into your body, as companies are known to sneak in not-so-good ingredients on the sly. It’s important to be fully aware of what we’re allowing into our bodies. Your health is everything, don’t forget.

Get rid of distractions

Distractions look different for everyone. Maybe you’re someone who can’t stop scrolling on Instagram or Facebook and you find yourself constantly glued to your phone. Do yourself a huge favour and delete the app(s) or download an app that shuts you out of other distracting apps. It’s borderline impossible to accomplish great things when you’re stuck staring at your phone all day. Television can be another mega distraction. Turn off the TV and make it a point to focus your energy fully on the task at hand.

If you spend most of your days in an office, but find you are distracted and frustrated by your environment, ultimately hindering your productivity, it may be worth considering a professional in the organisational psychology field. Many have found the perspective of an outsider hugely beneficial.

Get organised

Overhead shot of person at a laptop working at a clean and organised desk.
Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

Having a clean workspace is everything. If you’re feeling unable to concentrate, look at your surroundings. Where have you decided to set up shop? If you have too much going on at your desk, be sure to take time out of your busy day and organize your workspace. Trying to get work finished in a space that’s chaotic is setting you up for endless annoyances and distractions and it will negatively impact your hard work.

A good habit to get into is to set aside one day a week to consistently get your chores done, including organising. Sundays are often a good day to do your laundry, clean your desk, deep clean your kitchen, you name it. Be a good friend to yourself and prioritise an organised workspace to ensure greater mental clarity, work smarter, and focus throughout your day.

Take breaks

Don’t torture yourself with uninterrupted hours of work, even if you love the work you do. Take plenty of breaks to have a healthy snack or go for a walk to break up the monotony of any task. Taking breaks has far-reaching benefits on your mental health and can definitely increase productivity. This may sound counterintuitive, but trust us, you deserve a break.

The most important takeaway is to treat your body and mind right by giving it the nutrients and resources it needs to thrive. Now, on to a more focused and productive life.

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