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Simon Tolson – “2008 arrived and things went very wrong.”

How do you go from being a fisherman to successful owner of a holiday rental agency? Simon Tolson, managing director of Rumsey of Sandbanks, tells us his interesting entrepreneurial story. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn
  • “One of the great things I took from being a fisherman, that I still do to this day, is getting up early. I wake up early every day of my life, even on Sunday or when I’m on holiday.”
  • “I basically started my own business when I was seven – if you went to the speedway, the people in the season ticket seats couldn’t be bothered to queue up and take their glass bottles back, so if you went with a carrier bag afterwards you could sweep all the bottles up before the cleaners came, and the next week you’d get enough money back on that to pay for your ticket to watch the speedway again.”
  • “When I turned up in the lobby, it was full of guys with broken noses.”
  • “They asked, ‘How many cold calls did you do?’ And the first guy said, ‘I did forty.’ The next said, ‘I did sixty.’ One of the new boys said, ‘Oh, well, I did a hundred.’ And when it got to me I said, ‘I did 420.'”
  • “In theory I was doing quite well, like what could possible go wrong? And then, of course, 2008 arrived and things did go extremely wrong.”
  • “She asked, ‘How did you do that?’ And I said, ‘You know when a serial killer wakes up in his apartment and he’s just surrounded by body parts and he’s no idea quite what happened, but it just happened? It was a bit like that.'”
  • “I got up super-early every Monday morning and drove to Cornwall, which was three and a half hours.”
  • “I had been driving past Rumsey for fifteen years thinking ‘If only I could get my hands on that.'”

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