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Nikki Webb – “Join the carbon neutral club.”

Consumers are increasingly placing their loyalty with sustainable brands. How do you make your business more sustainable? And what is the impact on your personal and professional life? Nikki Webb, founder of digital agency Ethicly, explains all. See below for some outtakes from the podcast. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn

  • An obvious example of a good for good project is a charity. Their purpose is to make a difference but not for profit. This kind of thing is rolling out across a raft of sectors and I think it’s so worthwhile that we’re considering a circular economy, actually changing the way we’re behaving. This stems all the way to B2B businesses. They’re now thinking, ‘We don’t have a high carbon footprint but actually one of the good things to do would be to go net-zero.’ Those are the sort of businesses that are putting the planet as closely aligned to profit as possible.”
  • According to my survey, 75% want to live more sustainably moving forward, and 88% want a more sustainable future, they want sustainable living to become normal. The other interesting stat is that 76% of consumers want brands to help them achieve that sustainability. 87% said they would be more loyal to a brand that was sustainable.”
  • If we don’t change the way that we think about profit and planet, we’re never going to shift the boulders enough to hit all the targets for climate change.”
  • If you can’t change your carbon footprint, the easiest way to give back is to offset it by planting trees, for example.”
  • When you go carbon neutral, you join a club in that other carbon neutral people naturally want to trade with you. There’s a business community that value that as a status.”
  • There are so many sectors out there that don’t think sustainably at the moment, and I think they’re missing a trick. Those that move forward first into a world that all the consumers want, are going to benefit.”
  • No one wants to go back to this confined office, commute, etc., that zaps the employee and kills the planet with emissions; everyone wants this change and I’m excited to see how the next twelve months play out.”

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