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Top 10 articles of 2021

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While 2020 was a year of upheaval, 2021 was largely about adapting to that upheaval. The way we see and interact with the world has changed markedly, as has the way we work.

With the hybrid working model set to stay, business owners and their teams are still finding ways to make it work efficiently, leading to interesting discussions and variations on the same theme. Another major talking point to come out of 2021 was work-life balance—which, thanks to the pleasures of hybrid working, is now better known as life-work balance.

These shifts in perceptions, the challenges of leadership in an ever-changing environment, and our ongoing quest for better wellbeing and self-development, were reflected in the ten most-read articles on Evolve in 2021.

10 – Why team-building is so important

9 – 3 ways failure can help you succeed

8 – How to keep your good habits going

7 – My Other Life – Tracey Howes

6 – An alternative solution to the work-life balance problem

5 – You should write a book. Here’s 4 reasons why…

4 – 5 ways a peer group makes you a better leader

3 – 5 steps for a stronger team

2 – How to build a culture of trust around remote working

1 – 5 ways nature can boost your mental health

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