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Five reasons a peer group is just what you need right now

1) Perspective

Lockdown is not just a physical thing. Staying in your home and not being so engaged with your team can lead to all sorts of ruminations and projections, some of which can be negative. This puts a serious strain on your mental wellbeing. One of the best ways to escape what can be a wormhole of worry is to speak to others who are in a similar position to you; it often leads to a much-needed re-adjustment of your perspective.

2) Connection

In times like these, we crave comfort and connection. Most of us are fortunate to get that from our family, but they might not always understand everything we’re going through, especially when it comes to business matters (and, let’s face it, there might be things you don’t necessarily want to tell them!). Being part of a peer group is like having a whole other family. You create relationships and bonds with people who think like you and have experienced a similar journey to success. They know about all the pleasures and all the stresses. A peer group continually builds on this connection so that people whose character and opinions you trust are simply a phone call away.

Four climbers walking up a steep mountainside covered in ice and snow.
Sharing goals and working together to achieve success is incredibly motivating.
Photo by Jackman Chiu on Unsplash

3) Collaboration

It’s one thing to have a network, but being part of a peer group goes further than that. Your fellow peer group members become more than just business contacts—they are people you have been vulnerable with, people you have entrusted with confidential information about your business and yourself. So, when you’re hit with tough times and find yourself facing a problem whose solution eludes you, it’s very likely that someone within your peer group will be able to help you, or knows someone who can. A business network is often simply your list of email addresses and contacts LinkedIn; a fellow peer group member is someone you regularly interact with face-to-face and on a much more personal level. They are a friend.

4) Self-improvement and motivation

You’re an entrepreneur, so constantly learning and improving is part of your DNA. When you’re in a peer group, you’re regularly meeting with individuals from different industries and with varying perspectives on business and life. Conversing with others not only contributes to your growth, hearing another’s story can be a fantastic motivator, especially if you’re feeling a bit lost or flat. You’re also able to encourage one another and celebrate each other’s successes.

5) A break from the office

As a business owner, you’re at the helm of the ship and this often means being in the captain’s quarters at all times. However, having your peer group sessions indelibly written into your diary allows you to leave the office, have a change of environment and refresh yourself. Too much routine can be detrimental to your thoughts and inspiration. Your regular peer group provides a nice break to that routine and is something to look forward to. Throw in great coffee and a delicious lunch—which is what you get at an Evolve peer group!—and there’s really no excuse not to attend… 

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