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How to use LinkedIn to boost your social engagement

LinkedIn has issued a 32-page guide to help businesses excel on its platform. The document aims to provide brands with tips on how to increase engagement and ways to exploit the site to drive sales.

LinkedIn believes this guide will also help social media managers to maximise their opportunities on the platform, and as a result, encourage greater overall use of the site.

The following are the five main topics the document covers:

  • Your business case for investing in social
  • Why social media managers should spend time on LinkedIn
  • How to tell your brand’s story on LinkedIn
  • Building your audience on the platform
  • A guide to LinkedIn’s paid ad solutions

The document breaks down the reasons why social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, with particular focus on the opportunities that LinkedIn can provide.

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Statistics and data has also been collected to help demonstrate LinkedIn’s potential to boost your marketing efforts. With over 600 million users worldwide, it is likely that the platform can be of great use to your business.

The guide is excellent for breaking down the fundamentals of how to run a strong business page and as a result how it can be used to generate sales.

LinkedIn has also provided information on the best ways to increase engagement on your posts and therefore increase the likelihood of generating business from your page.

Tips include:

  • Responding to users
  • Using hashtags to maximise reach
  • Adding a call to action
  • Tagging relevant accounts
  • Using your page insights

We think that this guide is a great way to help you understand the full social engagement potential of the platform.

View the LinkedIn guide here.

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