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Law firms’ old boys clubs must go

I write this article with some trepidation, for two reasons. First, there is so much focus in the media (both traditional and social) on the role of women in business. Particularly regarding pay equality and gender representation in senior, executive and board positions. Second, and being totally open, I’m quite nervous I’ll say something which … Continued

LOL or no?

Using humour to market your business Right now, ‘disruption’ is the buzzword. It seems everyone wants to engage with...

All in the mind

The psychology of an entrepreneur. You’ve left behind the security of a monthly pay cheque, put you and your...

Don’t miss the magic

It’s time to discover what really creates success. How much of the magic in your business have you discovered?...

Evolve or die?

Time to transform the accountancy industry. Evolve or die. This is the choice for accountancy firms the world over....

Get your Om on

You really need to start meditating. Ten, or even five years ago, if you told a colleague you were...