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Evolve launches to over 100 guests

Nick English of Bremont watches talking at the launch of Evolve

On Friday, 22nd March, Evolve officially launched with an Entrepreneur’s Lunch at the beautiful Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa in Hampshire. Supported by Inspire Professional Services, Hybrid Legal and M12&Giganet, the event was attended by over 100 business leaders and included an insightful and entertaining talk by Bremont watches founder Nick English (above).

Warren said, “My journey building Inspire and now combining the continued success of Inspire with the launch of Evolve has given me a unique empathy for entrepreneurs and owner-managed business leaders. Through experiencing the ups and downs that come with building a business, Barry [Kick, Evolve’s co-founder] and I understand what it means to be a business leader and be entrepreneurial and support the entrepreneurial community in every aspect of its journey, including the struggles, risks and successes. Together with the experiences of Barry and others, this is the foundation from which Evolve was created.”

It was also announced that on the 10th of October, Evolve will be hosting an Entrepreneur’s Festival on the South Coast. This unique festival combines an exciting conference with other informative, inspiring and charitable events spread through the week. A fantastic opportunity to learn, improve, connect with other business leaders and Evolve.

Nick English, who co-founded Bremont watches with brother Giles in 2002, spoke earnestly about his entrepreneurial journey and how he came to form the watch company. Following the 1995 death of their father Euan, Nick and Giles were inspired to leave the corporate world and set off on their own in the highly-competitive luxury watch market. Bremont is now one of the world’s most sought-after watch brands and are created at Bremont’s Henley-on-Thames facility.

Nick lauded the pool of bright, innovative minds in Britain and called for more recognition and investment in engineering. Some limited edition Bremont watches feature pieces of original wood and copper from HMS Victory and muslin from the Wright Flyer. Their Supersonic Rose Gold edition—limited to 100 pieces—incorporates a ring of aluminium from Alpha Bravo, Heathrow’s last remaining Concorde.

For more information on Bremont, go to www.bremont.com

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