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Collaborators & Brand Partners

Evolve has collaborated with a collection of forward-thinking brands, influencers and entrepreneurs.


As thought leaders they will share with you their insights and experiences at our programme of events, as well as inspirational online content that’s exclusive to you, the business leader.

This is Barbara Cox

Barbara Cox, Founder of Nutrichef

Barbara Cox is a highly regarded nutritionist, health article author and businesswoman. Barbara founded Nutrichef, a company that produces high quality healthy meals and delivers them to customers’ homes. Through her consultations with Nutrichef customers across the UK, Barbara advises people with a range of concerns, including people wishing to lose weight, athletes training for sports events or people who simply want to know what it means to eat healthily. In 2008 Barbara was awarded the National Title of Entrepreneur of the Year by the British Chambers of Commerce; She is now the author of her first cookbook Rainbow Recipes and she is a specialist nutrition consultant, European Wellness Council representative and business consultant.

This is Becki Houlston

Becki Houlston, Life Coach & Emotional Health Expert

Becki Houlston is a life coach and emotional health expert who uses cutting-edge techniques to work with people to overcome their emotional negative programming, build resilience and achieve their goals in life. Her niche client base is made up of business leaders and entrepreneurs and this gives Becki huge insight into the traits and emotional strategies required to be successful and live a happy, healthy life.

This is Ian McCaig

Ian McCaig, Founder & CMO

Ian is Co-Founder and CMO of Fiit, a venture backed FitTech start-up on a mission to make fitness addictive and effortless for the majority of people disillusioned with the gym and other offerings in the market today. He co-founded Qubit, a leading European SaaS business, in 2010 and was one of the first through the doors of the UK Google office where he spent five years leading strategic innovation across sales operations, product and marketing for Europe. A successful entrepreneur, Ian is now an angel investor and advisor for a number of start-ups.

This is Rupert Holloway

Rupert Holloway, Conker Spirit

Rupert Holloway is a fresh face to the drinks industry, leaping from his career as a chartered surveyor at 29 to launch Conker Spirit, Dorset’s first gin distillery in April 2015. Nearly 4 years in, Conker has become a highly-regarded mainstay of the gin renaissance, winning multiple awards and listings including Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Masons, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose. Rupert wants to inspire others to take the same leap to pursue their passion or that nagging idea.  He is a regular speaker at Virgin Start Up and Guardian Masterclass events where he talks about developing the mindset needed for finding your creativity and pursuing your passion.

This is Mark Cribb

Mark Cribb, Founder & MD of Urban Guild

Mark Cribb is the founder and MD of Urban Guild – a group of restaurants, bars and hotels that pepper the South Coast, offering guests home-grown food, craft beer, curious cocktails and seriously seductive coffees and cakes. Founded in 2005, it was Mark’s travels that inspired him to ‘continue the adventure’ back home, creating a breed of hospitality that oozed the love, laughter and kindness he’d experienced whilst backpacking. A successful entrepreneur, Mark continues to champion ‘Big grins, flip flops, happy staff and happy customers’, and has even launched the ‘Hug Club’ – a loyalty scheme that epitomises Mark’s founding principles.

This is Ross Thornley

Ross Thornley, Leaps Innovation

Founder of 6 companies, including rt, a world renowned brand communications agency, employing almost 100 people throughout its 17 year history. Retaining clients from the United Nations, Sony and Thomson Reuters for more than a decade. A business Ross successfully exited in 2017.

Creator, founder and CEO of Leaps® Innovation. A proven approach to innovation and idea generation. With rapid prototyping and validation screening, Leaps supports global brands to solve real business challenges within days through unique collaboration programs.

Excited by ambition, partnerships and new models of thinking. Always looking to connect ambitious people and brands with communities, through creativity, intelligence and innovation.

Fiit - Interactive Fitness Classes in your living room

Fiit is a technology start-up on a mission to make fitness addictive. They’re passionate about helping millions of people across the world reap the rewards of regular exercise, and they know that the current offerings aren’t working for the vast majority. With their interactive, online platform, they’re bringing the best of boutique studio fitness into everyone’s living rooms. Through leveraging data science and smart technology and giving people exclusive access to the trainers they love, Fiit are breaking down the barriers to fitness and creating a truly motivating, connected fitness experience.

Halo Design Associates

Halo are a fully integrated brand and digital agency. Put simply… we help people communicate. Finding the right personality and style for your product, service or business is what we love to do.

We are a big enough team to support your project from start to finish but small enough to grab a coffee and have a chat about the finer detail round one large table. We work in print, digital and film and for the past 15 years have worked with clients from mothers & babies to cats & dogs (we don’t listen to that well known saying).

We have helped sell baby food, beds, holiday homes, natural beauty products, plants, cars, schools and insurance. Our successful approach is based on understanding your needs, understanding your customers, applying creative thinking and ensuring the results follow.


M12 & Giganet

Reliable telecoms and internet services are vital for ambitious businesses. You need a proven, friendly and expert single-source provider who can be flexible as your business evolves and develops.

M12 can help, whatever your size and no matter how complex your requirements. Our solution will be in line with your budget and our advice always honest and straightforward.

  • VoIP / Telecoms from £8.50 per month which includes calls and support.
  • Internet for business – check our prices for your postcode at www.giga.net.uk
  • ISDN line replacement at 50% of what you pay now and an easy update path.
  • Inbuilt fraud protection, cyber shield assistance and regular relevant advice.

M12 Solutions are dedicated to improving your business profitability, your customer service and your best practice.


Hybrid Legal

Let’s be clear – we are not a traditional law firm. We think the model used by traditional law firms is broken.

Their clients are charged by the hour or even minute – often on high rates which are designed to cover the law firm’s substantial overheads. These fees soon escalate with the client paying every time they call, email or meet their law firm and having no certainty of the eventual bill.

Hybrid Legal are changing the way legal services are delivered to entrepreneurs and businesses. We have developed a hybrid model that provides our clients with the best of both worlds; the high-quality advice of a premium law firm combined with the benefit of a fixed-fee service which offers improved value for money.

We aim to ensure that our clients are legally protected and are given the guidance and advice they need to achieve the best outcomes possible for their business. To enable us to do this together, we build long-term relationships, truly getting to know and understand our clients.

This is a entrepreneur working on his laptop

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We’re always looking to collaborate with new and exciting entrepreneurs, brands and business leaders. If you’ve experienced the ups, downs and roundabouts of running a successful business, we want to hear about your experience and the lessons learnt along the way. From contributing content to becoming a brand partner, this is your opportunity to connect with, and inspire, fellow entrepreneurs.

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