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Why Evolve?

Through our personal experiences and journey we have learnt that leading a business can be challenging. 


The tight rope of balancing business with your personal life can be difficult, we personally recognise and experience this. It is with this in mind that Evolve puts as much emphasis on your personal growth as on your business growth and development.

Ultimately we want you to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life – both personally and professionally.


Based on his book ‘Evolve to Succeed – The Entrepreneur’s Journey’ and born out of his many years’ experience working with entrepreneurs, Warren Munson has joined forces with Barry Kick, Founder of Linsar, to develop Evolve – a community that inspires, educates and unites entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Our belief is that the balance of your personal and business life is fundamental to your success. 

This enables you not just to have a successful business but also to have a fulfilling and rewarding personal life spending time with those that you love and doing the other things in life you enjoy.

This led us to the conclusion that the three important elements vital to success are:






This is Warren Munson smiling

Warren Munson

Noticing an opportunity in the market for a tax and business advisory firm focused on entrepreneurs, Warren left his position at a major international accountancy firm to set up Inspire in 2004. Now a multi award-winning firm, Inspire has made its name as a forward-thinking and innovative industry leader. Warren’s own entrepreneurial journey inspired him to write his book ‘Evolve to Succeed – The Entrepreneur’s Journey’ and launch Evolve.