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Coaching & Development


Evolve’s coaching & development programme is based around over 30 unique workbooks that get you thinking, open up new possibilities and improve you and your business.

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How does Evolve help you and your business?

We understand that in order to reach your potential you need to develop yourself whilst also developing your business. This is why Evolve focuses on both personal and business growth.

Making positive change while running a business is tough. Evolve has been created by people who understand this challenge – we make the journey clearer and easier for both you and your team. You will be accountable and supported.

We believe in constant marginal gains. You will finish every Evolve workbook with powerful actions to work on – your marginal gains will be transformative when combined and consistently implemented.



How do I get involved?

We provide coaching and development for business leaders in two main formats: one-to-one coaching and peer groups.

The best solution will depend on where you are in your journey and your personality, one-to-one coaching starts from £295+VAT and peer group attendance is £295+VAT per month.

There are over 30 topics covered in the Evolve coaching and development program. Every time you attend an Evolve session you will understand the impact of the topic on you and your business, get clear on what you need to do and be inspired to go do it!

Topics include:

-8 Essential Elements
-Essence, Spirit, Beliefs
-Business Planning
-Defining Good Times
-Be / Do / Have
-Organisational Habits
-Habit Creation
-Strategies for Growth
-Strategic Recruitment
-Building Resilience
-Strategic Alliances & Relationships
-Negotiation Skills
-Evolving Communications
-Understanding & Managing Stress
-Understanding Motivation
-Evolving Human Resources
-Physical Wellbeing and Nutrition
-Understanding Leadership & Influence
-Developing team performance

  • This is a strategy workbook part of the coaching programme delivered by Evolve Member


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